Franchise Opportunities

1. What is franchising?
A franchise can be the perfect option for someone wanting to start a business, but with support and backing. The best way to describe franchising is to see it as an extension of another company, they use the same trademark, products, advertising methods and services of the main company that it was derived from. It is often said that franchising is a way of being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Franchising is without doubt the most successful business mechanism in the modern world.

2. The roles and responsibilities in franchising are as follows:

2.1 The Franchisor

2.2 The Franchisee

3. A Franchise opportunity
Experi-Buddies believe that science should be part of foundation phase education because at this young age you are building a foundation for future learning and scientific understanding. A young child is naturally curious and there is nothing that you need to do to promote their wonder and fascination of the world.

Their curiosity makes this the perfect time to answer questions and help them create an understanding of how the world works. These young and curious children are able to dive into topics such as physics, biology and chemistry without bias or fear.

We believe that the young child must be exposed to the correct scientific terminology and that the more the child hears it, the more they will understand. We expose the young child to multiple experiences of the same topic. It is this repetition of a topic in different forms that will help them to gain understanding.

We also believe that we need to get young children thinking scientifically at an early age because there is so much to explore!

If you share these views and passion for learning, science and young children then this franchise opportunity might be for you.

4. Who should apply to become an Experi-Buddies™ Franchisee

4.1 Attributes required to become a Franchisee include, amongst others:

4.2 Tools/Equipment required:

4.3 Why purchase a franchise?