What does a class entail?

The programme is presented by independent facilitators at various schools.

Every child wears a lab coat and safety glasses. During each class we aim to: A scientist of the week (for example Einstein, Edison, Fahrenheit) is introduced to the children every week. The purpose of this is to expand their general knowledge in a simple but enjoyable way and to instill in them an appreciation of how these people have impacted on our lives.

Experi Bag

At the end of each lesson every child receives an "Experi-Bag" to take home.
This consists of:
  • a letter explaining what we have done and discovered during the class. This provides the background knowledge for further discussions at home
  • a simple experiment with instructions that can be done at home OR the result of an experiment that was done in class.

The programme comprises of one 30 to 40 minute class per week.

How will your child benefit

Children should do experiments for the same reason that they listen to stories and do sport - experiments encourage children to be inquisitive, creative and build their self-confidence. Experiments help to teach children to observe, compare and to predict outcomes while having fun.

Many educational skills are covered in the programme: