The Experi-Buddies programme is the brainchild of two sisters-in-law, dr Madrie Portwig (Ph.D. Chemistry) and Lindi Portwig (B.Com PGCE). After completing her studies Madrie worked in research for a couple of years, but since the birth of her children she has been a full-time mom to Jessica and Christiaan. Lindi was a teacher for 10 years before her children, Kayla and Ruan, were born and she decided to stay at home to be with them. However, they never lost their passion for science, education and children. Madrie started doing experiments with her children from an early age and saw that the world of science could be a lot of fun for young children. The sisters decided to combine their passions and talents, and so the Experi-Maatjies / Experi-Buddies franchise was born.

They feel very strongly that young children in South Africa are not sufficiently exposed to science from an early age. By exposing them to science while they are still young and impressionable, we can create the building blocks for future learning and an understanding of science. Young children are curious by nature and fascinated by the world around them. This youthful inquisitiveness makes it the perfect time to answer their questions and give them insight into how the world around them works. They have the ability to immerse themselves without hesitation or fear into topics like physics, biology and chemistry.

Madrie and Lindi also believe that they have to set children thinking scientifically while they are still young, as there is so much to discover about the world around them!

They feel privileged that there are others who share this passion with them. This is obvious from the number of franchises that already exist in various areas all over South Africa.